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A solid, flexible hoodie to move as you do. Our customers love this piece, and several have bought multiples! Available in black and white variations, as well as thick (heavy) or thin (light) fabric.



When you want to stay stylish outside of the gym, yet still remain ready for anything thrown your way, a hoodie fits the bill. Or, if you’re a bit chilly in the dojo, waiting for a hot yoga class, or off for a run – you’ll reach for our Mens Yoga hoodies time and time again.

Made from special fabric that wicks sweat, smell, and (almost) anything you can throw at it, this is a piece of clothing you can easily take from the gym to the club and back again. Do we speak from experience? You betcha. We’ve worn these for two days in a row (because, seriously, why do laundry if you don’t have to), and no one was any wiser. One of us even has a propensity to, uh, smell a bit whiffy (no one’s looking at you, Kahuna!) and even he got compliments on day two.

Women buy these hoodies for their boyfriends. Why? Because they look amazing in them. One of our customers transformed right in front of our eyes when he put on a white hoodie: from nerdy programmer to empowered man standing tall, the change was obvious… and it was merely in the clothes. Bodybuilders adore our clothing because it shows off their physique perfectly. And those of you not quite where you want to be? Even better – this hoodie still magically seems to work on pretty much anyone. We’ve yet to find someone where it hasn’t looked amazing; even one of the gals on staff rocks a Large (women’s clothing size 8/10), and it hugs her curves in ways other hoodies just don’t.

A few notes: the lightweight fabric is a bit shinier and looser fitting. The heavier fabric is almost stiff and holds in those itty bitty places that you’re still not pumped about. It’s cut for wide shoulders and a smaller waist and seems to fit a bit long in the arms. (Feel free to contact us if you might need something tailored; we’re happy to work with our seamstress to get this fitting perfectly).

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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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Heavy, Light


Black, White


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