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Straight Leg Pant

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We’re serious about fun, and these pants help us do exactly that. These pants look amazing no matter which angle you’re moving from or towards, including backwards, forwards, the gym or club.




“Where did you get those pants?!” We hear this all the time at Mens Yoga, and for good reason. They’re great at the beach or club, the dojo or gym, for an afternoon with your partner or even an overnighter when you’ve forgotten a change of clothes. We’ve tested these babies through all sorts of conditions: hot yoga classes, sleeping, dancing, working out, and just hanging around in clammy, hot weather. While they didn’t work too well on a logistical level for hot yoga (we’re working on a form-fitting pair!) these pants still looked and smelled amazing well after class. In fact, they stay fresh for (about) two days, even with constant wear, sweat and stank. Did we plan it this way? You betcha. The fabrics in both versions – heavy and lightweight – withstand sweat, water and odor. Why? Because we’re men, and we need it.

A few notes: the lightweight fabric is a bit shinier and looser fitting. The heavier fabric is almost stiff and holds in those itty bitty places that you’re still not pumped about. We’ve purposely cut them long for guys 6′ to 6’4, but are happy to have them tailored to your exact inseam length for free, prior to shipping. Just make a note in the comment section of your order, and you’re good to go.

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